PGY IV Elective Training

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) has outlined a fairly strict Specialty Training Requirements (STRs) for psychiatry, leaving little option for electives prior to senior training (PGY-4,5).  The PGY IV and PGY V years serve to consolidate the role of Medical Expert, including the attainment of proficiency in a range of treatment modalities and promote independent consultant practice across the life span. For training electives and selective they outline the following: 

1) Six months of selective preferably in one content area but may be comprised of two content areas with experiences of no less than 3 months each. Content areas are limited to child and adolescent Psychiatry, geriatric Psychiatry, Psychiatry and the law, Psychosomatic Medicine, psychiatric research, the psychotherapies, addictions, developmental disabilities and Psychiatry in rural and/or remote locations

2) Six months of electives in any aspect of training relevant to contemporary psychiatric practice, including research approved by the residency training committee. The elective may consist of an approved rotation in Internal Medicine, Neurology or other branch of medicine relevant to psychiatry. More than 1 practice area may be chosen but the duration of any experience must not be less than 2 months each.

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