Anxiety and Mood Disorder Center

  • Experienced and trained investigators
  • ​GCP Certified staff
  • history of consistently meeting our recruitment goals
  • low drop out rate
  • Ability to do placebo controlled studies
  • High participant satisfaction
  • high monitors and  sponsors satisfactions
  • Central IRB

Rapid and efficient response time  for all correspondence, and queries.


2 medical suites in a well established busy medical building. with access to other medical specialities, lab, EKG, pharmacy and imaging.


  • examination room
  • physician and coordinator offices
  • Work area for CRO
  • Locked medication storage, with temperature control
  • Archival storage for 25 years
  • High speed internet
  • Access to dry ice
  • -30 degree Celsius freezer
  • 12 lead EKG


  • FedEX
  • UPS
  • Purolator

Why Choose AMDC for clinical trials ?